Project PFAStwin is organizing a seminar called: "Financial management of EU projects: Horizon Europe new regulations". The seminar will be held by prof. dr. Tanja Ćirković Veličković (University of Belgrade, Faculty of Chemistry). The lecture is designed in two parts. The first part refers to the formation of the budget for calls from the Horizon Europe framework, and the second to the rules related to the spending of funds from the Horizon projects that are being implemented.

The seminar will be held in the Conference Hall of the Faculty of Chemistry in Belgrade, 18. May 2023. years starting at 12:00 am and will be ended at 15:00 pm.

Researchers from the Faculty of Chemistry, the Innovation Center of HF, as well as the Institute of Chemistry, Technology and Metallurgy are welcome. We invite you to apply for participation by sending a confirmation letter to: