WP3 leader

Dr. Dubravka Relić

Dr. Dubravka Relić is an Associate Professor at UBFC. Her fields of scientific interest are environmental chemistry and human health risk assessment based on the content of inorganic and organic compounds in environmental sample and determining factors of contamination and environmental pollution indicators. Form the April 2017 till July 2017 she was visiting Professor of the course “Pollutants in Soil and Waters I: Inorganic substances” within MSc program “Environmental Science” at Faculty of Geoscience and Geography, Goethe-University, Frankfurt am Main. From 2002 till 2022, she was a participant in projects of the Ministry of Science and Environmental Protection of the Republic of Serbia as well as she was the manager of two bilateral project (Slovakia and Germany), participant of three COST projects and and WP3 leader in PFASTwin.