WP5 leader

Dr. Maja Gruden-Pavlović

Dr. Maja Gruden-Pavlović is a Full Professor at UBFC and director of ICFC. She has a strong background in computational chemistry and molecular modeling, with particular emphasis on coordination compounds.

Prof. Gruden received an award for the best scientific work at UB in 2017. She is a member of the Executive Board and Council of the Serbian Chemical Society and a national representative in the IUPAC Inorganic Chemistry Division. She was Coordinator for International Collaborations at UBFC (2011-2013) and Vice Dean for Research (2013-2015); the manager of the two bilateral projects (Germany and France) and Working Group leader in the COST Action CM1305; WP leader and Advisory board member in Twinning H2020 FoodEnTwin (2018-2021), and WP5 leader in PFASTwin.